Top 5 Things Every Calligrapher Needs

Every one of the 5 things helped me put together this piece! 

Every one of the 5 things helped me put together this piece! 

I'm not huge on making new year's resolutions, but I do believe that there are natural seasons of beginning things. To start of 2017, I wanted to change the way I blog. I'm looking forward to creating shorter but more impactful blog posts. The ones that you can read on the bus, waiting in the car, or any other time you need something to fill your day!

With every craft, there are a few indisputable must-have's. Today, I wanted to share with you my top-5 tools for your modern calligrapher. These are essentially staples in my studio, and I couldn't create without them! Be sure to check the captions below each pic to find out where to buy them!

Scissors from Anthropologie

Scissors from Anthropologie

1. Scissors (Pretty ones at that!) 

This pair of shears allows me to cut, crease, and style with ease. They're functional and stylish, all in one. Correct me if I'm wrong, but copper is all the rage for home decor now, so these scissors are the perfect accent piece to top off your work desk!

Washi Tape (Assorted) from MT

Washi Tape (Assorted) from MT

2. Washi Tape

For those of you still in the dark about washi tape, it is essentially a type of tape that is made from Japanese rice paper, which lends itself to being easy to stick and peel. This is so important to have in my studio because I can tape art boards to walls, desks, and floors without the fear of ripping the fibres off the paper later. I've got 15+ varieties of this stuff, so it goes without saying that I love washi tape. 

3. Watercolour Field Kit 

This was my first big paint "splurge" I made when I began this journey. It has served me, and continues to serve me so well. It has almost every colour you need, and the built in palette makes travelling with this kit so convenient. Simply fill the water brush with water (warm is best) and then paint away! So many messes have been kept at bay because of this compact little kit and the color pay off is to die for. I couldn't recommend anything better!

4. Pen Nib Holders

I've slowly been collecting various types of pen nib holders, and these few remain my favourite. The black one is the one I started with and use the most frequently still. For $2.00 it's a pretty light investment you have to make to try calligraphy! I've recommended it to various students because it's so beginner-friendly and fits well in most hands. Between straight and oblique holders, I tend to lean towards oblique because I like the angle that my letters are formed at with it, but they are both great to try. 

Old White T-Shirt cut into a Cloth!

Old White T-Shirt cut into a Cloth!

5. White Rag

Having seen the picture above, you might be wondering, why on earth is Angie recommending a dirty explosion of a rag? Well believe it or not, this used to be pure white! I cut it from an old small t-shirt and I only replaced it once in the past year and half because my old one ripped! What do you use it for? everything. I wipe excess paint, squeeze out water, and wipe up small paint messes with this. Over the year, it has gathered quite a character of it's own, as seen by it's multi-coloured appearance. I can't even put into words how important it is to have this by your side during any project! I'm sure you will find a use for it. 

And that just about wraps up my Top 5 Things Every Calligrapher Needs! There are many more things that I use to keep myself and the studio running stress free, but maybe I'll save that for another post in the future! 

PS. There are going to be more blog posts that have helpful ideas like this one! Be sure to follow the blog on Bloglovin and check back frequently! I'm working hard to curate and create more awesome content for you all, so don't miss out! 

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