meet the mind behind BPCo.

Hi! I'm Angie.

I like to call myself a young creative - what is that? According to Urban Dictionary, young creatives desire for "access to mountains and seacoast, and an off-center way of life."

                                                                            This is me!

                                                                           This is me!

According to Myers-Briggs, I'm classified as an ISFJ. This means that naturally, I enjoy directing my energy to observing other people and other things. While this is true, I can say I enjoy interactions with others just as much as I find peace in observing. I find joy in sharing my passions with others - this is why BPCo. was created. 

Back in October 2015, I began practicing calligraphy and hand lettering, something I had not touched since grade school. It became a passion. 

I decided to start BPCo. when I was at a point of confusion in life. I was originally full steam ahead for med school, but as my passion for letters grew, the phrase "live what you love"  rang louder as well. I've decided to back BPCo. with all I have, and am delightfully excited to see where it brings me!

"You don't manifest dreams without taking chances." - Stephan Richards

always with love,


ps. I love reading comments and getting to know you, so leave me something below and lets talk!

Angie Lam

Angie is on a journey to discover moments of God’s grace in the little things and share them with all who are yearning for more.