Change, One Pot Pasta, Rumi

Someday I might just need to change this category to "Monthly Scoop" instead of "Weekly Scoop". I never seem to remember to do these summaries - which is a shame, because as humans, our tastes, inspirations, and loves are constantly changing.

I find that it's really meaningful to remember what one week brings about compared to the next. How do we change? What are we beginning to enjoy or dislike? Has our view on the larger picture shifted? What about the small details - have we forgotten about those? These are the types of questions I hope I can answer by scooping up the week in one post. So here's what has been on my mind, the walls of my house, and my stomach! 

I've been...

Loving : The changes that have been happening in my life and the steps I'm taking to purposefully bring change into my life. Check out more of what I mean in my previous blog post here

Cooking : This recipe has been a long time favorite of my boyfriend and I. It's light, but filling, quick, but filled with complex flavors. It's the perfect summer one-pot pasta that takes only 15 minutes to bring together and only requires common ingredients. Sound good? Link is here!

Ruminating : "The art of knowing is knowing what to ignore." - Rumi

May God bless you and keep you as you go forth about the rest of your week! 

always with love,



Angie Lam

Angie is on a journey to discover moments of God’s grace in the little things and share them with all who are yearning for more.