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For a different type of a weekly recap, I wanted to elaborate or describe some of the pictures that have been up on the Blissful IG account. 

1.       Popularity = success?

a.       Often I get caught up in thinking that more numbers means more success in many ways. “My work will be seen by more”, or “More potential clients might come across this page”, etc… As soon as I allow myself to get into this mindset, an interesting phenomenon happens. My productivity falls. I fall into a slump. I stop doing what I love to do. And it’s all because I’m more caught up in people’s response to my work rather than the work itself! So to make a long story short, I believe that while popularity in terms of numbers is a small reflection of success, it is not the epitome of success.

2.       Just Love

a.       The flower background in this picture was taken at Southcentre mall in Calgary, as part of the Southcentre pairs contest. Afterwards, I wrote the “just love” letters and edited them onto the picture. Just a simple reminder that love is all you need to make it through life!

2016-05-20 03.54.05 1.jpg

3.       Oh Wonder

a.       Oh Wonder is coming to town tomorrow and I can’t wait. I fell in love with them after Janice introduced them to me in January. When we heard they were coming to Calgary, we were so excited and bought tickets. Favorite song of theirs : Body Gold.

2016-05-26 09.34.44 1.jpg

4.       Café Diem

a.       Seize the day (or coffee)! Second Cup Canada recently underwent some rebranding and the result? Just pure loveliness. This store is bright and filled with sun in the early morning, which mixes wonderfully with the scent of fresh coffee. The sign in this picture is just one of the small details I love about this location. They also have a slow-brew bar where you can sit down and slowly enjoy your cuppa joe.

5.       True Buch Kombucha

a.       This stuff tastes like wine without the alcohol. Seriously. Especially the ginger flavor. I was at Blush Lane market and saw that they had Kombucha on tap. Like what?! There were 3 flavours at the time: Ginger, Cherry Blossom, and Chai. My boyfriend and I only got around to trying the ginger and cherry blossom, and were originally just going to settle for a plastic, pre-bottled version of this, but it’s cheaper and more environmentally friendly to snag a pretty glass bottle and make refills. PS: True Buch is local to YYC, so give them some love if you’re in the market for Kombucha.

6.       Love Rewards the Brave

a.       Sometimes I don’t always know what meanings to put behind these types of phrases. I just think they’re pretty and reflect positivity. This was just my breakfast from yesterday morning – complete with Kombucha and rose apricot jam on toast!

This was my first time trying to write a summary like this. I hope you guys like these short descriptions of my photos and a little bit about why I posted them!

always with love,



Angie Lam

Angie is on a journey to discover moments of God’s grace in the little things and share them with all who are yearning for more.