looking forward.

I'm so grateful for the ridiculously warm weather we've been experiencing in Calgary. While that meant a shorter ski season, it also promises longer days filled with warmth and cheer. Recently, I was thinking about the reason God places the people he does by our side. My conclusion was that the friends, the lovers, family, acquaintances, etc... that appear around us inspire us to grow in different ways.

Personally, there are individuals whom I know that inspire me to accomplish certain goals or choose a certain path. They offer me their advice and they give me guidance. Of course there are also the friends that always create joy and happiness because of the way we interact and how our personalities match up. Finally, there are people who I find it really hard to interact with, maybe due to lifestyle clashes, or maybe because on our individual paths we were only meant to dwell in each other's presence for a moment. I find however, that I am stretched and grow the most when I interact with this group of individuals. God uses that strange tension and "awkward silence" to encourage us to grow because if we are to be His followers, we must and will be in unsettling environments that require us to be flexible and demonstrate compassion, grace, and love regardless of the circumstances.

As a way of encouraging myself to grow, I'm looking forward to this summer, a time when everything is comfortable, to push myself out of my comfort zone. Here are five of my goals for the next four months:

  1. Blog twice a week - this is to help me to think slowly and gather my thoughts more often.
  2. Vlog daily - to be able to capture and publish bits of my life online will be extremely uncomfortable at first, but will be rewarding in the end when I have memories to reflect on.
  3. YouTube Channel - to build off the last point, I want to set up a formal calligraphy tutorial/projects YouTube channel. It'll be interesting to have to learn a new platform and pushes me to continue bettering my own skills.
  4. Speak more - for those who know me personally, or if you didn't know, I'm generally a shy person in large groups and that is one of my biggest weaknesses. I want to break through this by setting a simple goal of speaking more. There is no such thing as a dumb question! 
  5. Give generously - I may be a student, but I don't want to use that as an excuse to not give what I can. To the church and to those who need it most. 

Wow. This is a long post! Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you. I share these goals with you today because I want to be accountable to someone or at least on something. I hope in four months time I can ruminate on the journey I took towards these goals. 

always with love,



Angie Lam

Angie is on a journey to discover moments of God’s grace in the little things and share them with all who are yearning for more.